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"We are here to create a sustainable futur" 
"Nous sommes là pour un avenir durable"
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Who are we ?

Environmental Needs Canada Inc. is an environmental firm offering services with the intent of supporting, innovating and improving the environmental quality of your project in a cooperative climate. Our main goal is to reach the environmental objectives of our clients.

What do we believe ?

  • International markets for carbon are growing at exponential rates, driving innovation and sustainable development as well as emissions' trading, which has become the central mechanism used by the European Union to meet their international Greenhouse Gas (GHG) commitments, and is currently becoming a standard both for voluntary and regulated activities world-wide. 
  • This market based approach to managing GHG emissions is widely supported by governments and stakeholders as a more cost-effective way to achieve climate change objectives. The role that Environmental Needs Canada Inc., has claimed, includes combining innovation and technology under an International Standard, that allows clients to maximize their economic potential in the carbon (CO₂equivalent) market, while providing demonstrable environmental improvements.
  • The environment quickly became a central issue for all societies aware of the impacts of their economic activities. The quality of our environment is not without consequences on Mankind; it affects us every day. The present crisis must be resolved by bringing changes at many levels of our existence; be it our lifestyle, our economic activities or simply by not repeating our past mistakes.
  • We use the ISO 14064 Standard, since we believe it is the most recognized, robust and transparent guidelines for the Quantification, Monitoring, Reporting, Validation and Verification of technologies and solutions that offer a reduction in GHG emissions. ISO 14064 conformance provides the greatest level of assurance, and hence value for the successful trading of the resulting GHG reduction/removals or credits. Environmental Needs Canada Inc. provides an end-to-end solution to clients, including GHG Project Plans conforming to ISO 14064 standards, trading of emission reductions and removals (credits).












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